What We Do

The Plus Size Pooch was born for two reasons...

 One: After sharing my home with bully breeds for 14+ years I have come to the conclusion that mass produced pet clothing and accessories is most definitely not one size fits all.

Two: Sometimes something as simple as a bandana or a shirt can completely change the way someone perceives a dog. 

Bully breeds will always have my heart but I adore all dogs and especially the underdogs. The Plus Size Pooch was built around showing off all dogs, all sizes, all mixes, shapes and most definitely rescue dogs. Not only to help those in happy homes break stereotypes but to help those in search of a happy home get noticed. 



Cora (left) and General (right)
Meet the “hardworking” employees of The Plus Size Pooch
I moved out of my parents house at 18 and two days later I adopted my first pit bull named Sweet (brindle). Then came an abused little pup named Boss (white), then I strongly persuaded a chunky little red pup out of a bad situation that became my General dog, then Mack (fawn) was a foster failure...and so a crazy pit bull lady was born. 


Sweet(brindle) and Boss(white)passed within a year of each other and after losing Mack(fawn) to kidney failure at the age of 7 it left General being the only dog which he had never been. After many adoption applications answered with “that one is already adopted” and “your current dog is too old for a puppy” we were beginning to lose hope of finding General a friend. I once again applied for pup and included a long explanation that while General was 9 he was extremely puppy-like himself and adored puppies to the point of making a idiot of himself wanting to play and that he is extremely passive so he does amazing with them. FINALLY we got the email saying we were approved!


We took our three hour road trip to pick up our fat little blue and brindle puppy. That fat little puppy had a secret though....

Cora had been surrendered with her parents and litter mates when someone abandoned them when they moved. Cora was in a foster home with her litter mates which allowed her to hide her secret well.

After getting her home and settled in we started noticing she was extremely clumsy, more than usual for a pup, and seemed to have a hard time learning her surroundings. After a vet visit my suspicion was confirmed that we did indeed have ourselves a blind puppy. Pretty sure the rescue was afraid we were giving her back when I let them know she was blind. Nope, she was ours! I have never been more thankful for General’s extreme passive nature because he has been plowed into while eating, sleeping or chewing on bones more times than I can count. He has no personal space, Cora is ALWAYS in his bubble. Cora hit the adopted brother jackpot.

 She is the happiest and most adventurous blind bully you ever did meet. She without a doubt lives a “normal” dog life. She has no idea her world is any different than yours.

Along with my love of bully breeds is a love of nature which is why I worked hard to make ThePSP as earth friendly as possible.

Ways The Plus Size Pooch is a Earth friendly business:

-Fabrics are selected with both your dog and earth in mind. Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabrics means the fabrics are safe to be in contact with skin and free from cancer causing "forever chemicals". Along with that many of the fabrics are a more sustainable bamboo/cotton blend blend and dyed with eco friendly dyes.  

-All of our shipping materials are made from recycled materials and almost all  materials are biodegradable.

-The bags your pups free treat come in are biodegradable and made from vegetable starch.

-Our Upcycle Bin utilizes left over fabrics and supplies that would otherwise be discarded.

-Our Thrift Happens bandanas breaths new life into unwanted human apparel by repurposing them into one of a kind bandanas.

-All of the bandana add on trims are purchased secondhand to reduce the demand for new when what is already available can be used and often times way cooler vintage options.