Featured Items

  • Quality and Comfortable Apparel

    Quality over quantity. In a world full of mass produced, low quality and poor fitting dog apparel I set out to create apparel that will last for seasons to come and be comfortable for dogs to wear.

  • Being kind to Earth

    Shipping bags - Biodegradable

    Treat bags - Biodegradable

    Packing material - Recycled and biodegradable

    Product Brand Tags - Made from cork leather

    One could safely assume The Plus Size Pooch is a fan of nature and doing as much as possible to be a earth friendly business.

  • All about the dogs

    Bully breeds always have been and always will be at the heart of this business. It’s why it was created. To help break stigmas of a horribly misunderstood breed. But it’s not about JUST them, I love dogs, all breeds, all shapes and sizes and quite honestly I prefer their company over the human kind. It’s all about the dogs.

Happy Pupstomers