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The Plus Size Pooch

Leave them wild - Slip on Stretch Bandana - No Man's Land Collection

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One of the most powerful marine predators, the orca, grows up to 32 feet (9.7 meters) in length—about the size of a school bus—and can weigh up to 6 tons (5,443 kilograms). Though the orca’s size intimidates prey, among its whale pod, the orca is a highly social animal that communicates through distinctive noises that only other members of the whale’s pod will recognize.

Threats: Orcas are also victims of whaling despite a ban on international trade of whales. Some fishermen view orcas as competition, as ocean pests who are decreasing fishery supplies, and intentionally kill the whales. Other issues threatening to change the orca’s marine landscape and diet include dangerous levels of toxic contaminants, irresponsible whale watching practices and oil spills. As biodiversity in the world’s oceans decrease, orcas face immense risk as they are at the top of the food chain.

Interesting Fact: The killer whale actually isn’t a whale at all; it is the largest member of the dolphin family.


🐾Classic bandanas are made from a woven quilting cotton.

🐾Stretch bandanas are made from medium to heavyweight tee shirt knit.

🐾Tees are made from a 200-230 GSM (gram per square meter) tee shirt knit.

UV Swim Shirts: UV 50+ rated fabric offering sun protection perfect for a day at the beach or river. Also perfect for light colored and sun sensitive dogs.


Premium - heavyweight dense fleece

Luxury - Extremely soft and cuddly

Anti Pill - Medium weight



Measure your dogs neck where you would like the bandana to sit and order the coordinating neck size. Take into to account for thick coat or loose skinned breeds you may want to go up a size if they fall in between size options.


Apparel is sized by your dogs neck, girth, and back length.

Using a soft measuring tape snug but not tightly measure your dogs neck where their collar naturally sits, their girth at the widest part (typically just behind the front legs) and the length from the their collar to the base of their tail.


Neck: 16”-17”

Girth: 27”-28”

Length 20”



Neck: 18”-19”

Girth: 29”-30”

Length: 21”



Neck: 20”-21”

Girth: 31”-32”

Length: 22”

**Unless otherwise stated. Seasonal items like quilted jackets, dresses and rain gear may have adjustable sizing which is included in the item description.

Custom Sizing:

In your cart notes please include your dogs neck, girth, length and any additional instructions for fitting such as deep chest, long neck, short legs, narrow waist, etc. 

If your dog exceeds 36 inches in length please send a messsage prior to ordering.

Do Not:

Measure while your dog in laying or sitting down.


Measure while they are standing. Measuring twice also never hurts since they tend to move while being measured.

Thick coat breeds:

If your dog is a thick double coat breed it is suggested to add 1-2 inches to the neck and girth measurements.

Care Instructions

*It is recommended to wash all items on cold with like colors.

Hang dry or tumble dry low heat

*Unless otherwise stated for specialty fabrics such as sherpa fleece.

Typical order processing time is 5-7 business days. This does not include shipping time. Processing times may vary following large releases of new items.